O Log - EOC '04 Classic Final


    Here is my EOC '04 Classic Final, M21-B map.

    I'll always remember this race as special for many various reasons. This was on the Isle of Mon, about 120K south of Copenhagen. White varied from fast to jungle-like conditions, often with lots of downed cut branches. Any shade of green or slash was nearly impassable. "Rough open" was more "rough" than "open". Mapping was excellent except where I though some white should be green and some slash should be in the rough open. I'll try to write more on the Danish terrain in another entry, in case that this would be valuable for '06.

    I was pretty clean, the only boom I remember was a slight bobble of #18 where I came in a little left, but I figured it out pretty quickly. The veg going in was brutally thick, and the route choice was probably stupid. The right trail was probably smarter, but I'm not sure I was physically able to climb those lines at that point. If not, the left trail was probably smarter as well.

    #17 was a case of 'safe route choice at the end of a clean race'. I'm sure a more straight route would have been slightly faster (based on the way I run), and the control probably would not have been too difficult to spike on such a route, but no more lines up thru crappy veg for me. I was beat and willing to pay a few seconds for a sure thing route at that point. This is something I think about, but rarely do. I would have gone straight had this been near the beginning of the race.

    The veg attacking #15, and the whole leg on #16 was brutally thick. I don't see where they get white. Going into #15 I was sure I was lost because of it, but I figured 'where could I be -- I was checking off the right features'. #16 was one of the harder controls given the poor viz and flattish topography, and I was happy I was able to spike it. I think that had something to do with my decision on #17 -- no risks if I didn't have to.

    #6 was a case of changing route choice after starting out. This is also something I rarely do, but I think in this case it was a profitable decision.

    Definitely one of my better races, all things considered, even tho I finished pretty close to last. Physically shot before the race; totally shot afterwards.