O Log - Proximity Punching


    Apparently, punching technology will be used at VM2004 (ski-O WOC) that does not require physically punching the control, just getting close (close being very close: 20cm). (The following from a post on the US Ski O team yahoo group).

    The key thing I want to mention (and which I think is good) is that you are not going to have to punch at controls at VM!!!! They will use a new system where you just come within 20cm of the control and it will register on your chip that you were there. The idea is that you should stop at the control and put your chip on the control, but the reality is that moving buy the control slowly is even possible (full stop not really needed). They are still refining the system, so we will have to see exactly how they have it set for VM. The great news given that people have gloves on in ski-o is not having to worry about precision of placing a chip into the control sensor. I am sure they will tell all about this at the model event and it is nothing difficult, just good news for all!

    In foot O, this would be good for the finish, at least, where stopping to punch is annoying. I also find with the SportIdent system, that sometimes there is a noticeable delay when punching. While short, this delay is also annoying to me, as it disrupts my flow. I think this is because it is an event for which you have no control; you are in rhythm, and have to wait for an external event to complete. Pin punching, tho slower, seems less annoying than when this happens, as you have full control.