O Log - Plugging Whitehorse


    Next year's Canadian Champs will be in Whitehorse, Yukon. I was in Whitehorse last year; here is a map sample from where the '04 short champs will be.

    The knob and kettle terrain is intense, absolute contact is essential, some people reported being lost for 45 minutes on controls. I didn't have that degree of problem, but thought it was challenging and great training. The one problem I remember was the compass acting funny at that latitude.

    Not only is the orienteering challenging, but the YOA orienteers are great people, there is tons of outdoor stuff to do in the area, and the city itself has a handful of very good restaurants.

    The races will be July 14-18th '04. There will be a short, relay, and 2 day classic. I can highly recommend considering Whitehorse next summer.