O Log - This and That


    Goals for the 6 Day. Its a training, no rankings of any kind at stake, no one looking at the results, simply a family vacation. Two specific skills to work on -- changing speeds, and realising when contact is lost.

    It seems odd, but I have a state of not in contact, and not out of contact, like retroactive contact loss. Like, uh oh, I lost contact 200m ago. How is this possible? (yes, parallel errors, bending the map, and conscience economic decisions (gambles)), but these can be anticipated and generally quickly corrected. There are other situations where this transition occurs, and I haven't got a handle on it yet). I want to learn to recognize this transition before it becomes retroactive, and make sure I micro-relocate. I'm a decent micro-relocator, but a horrible macro-relocator, so it will be important to strengthen this skill, to avoid ever having to macro-relocate and the 4 min+ boom.

    I may also get more disciplined with attackpoints and aiming off, but these are secondary goals. In the dunes, I will walk if I have to, even if I put in 30min/k times. I will also have to remember that the latitude may play games with my compass, tho I don't think it is nearly as far north as Whitehorse. I will have to remember to ignore others and elephant tracks also.

    I'm still way too busy. I have too many non-O projects in my hopper. It will be a goal by Sep 30th to clean all this out, and focus solely on O in my free time. My training run times are up, and I think its because I have way too much other stuff going on. Fortunately, it doesn't seem to be affecting my racing, but one goal was to do some speedwork this season. I'm barely hanging on maintenance. Perhaps its helping my racing, being slower, but I have theories on this for another day. I must get more free time to focus on training.

    My term on the USOF board will end in a couple of weeks. I decided not to seek another term. There is actually a specific reason, but I do not want to write about it on a web page.

    I had planned to write about the board, board vs team, etc., but being on neither it seems a bit out of place, despite my strong opinions on these matters. All I want to write is a) there is a quality control problem with A meets in USOF (yet I don't have a solution other than try to put on quality meets when I'm involved) that no one seems to be addressing, and b) I don't think USOF has enough resources to try to be both a recreational orienteering and serious orienteering organization at the same time. From what I've seen, resource allocation (time and money) seems to be aimed more at the recreational aspects. There is no reason to whine about this -- every USOF member is entitled to vote for whomever or run for board themselves if they don't care for the status quo. And of course I could be wrong. And I was probably the lamest board member of all time.

    I did, however, use my privilege of being on the board to nominate someone for the Silva award. Someone who I feel has made a serious contribution to the competitive/elite US orienteering scene.