O Log - Ice O


    This race was interesting. It was a fun O, chunks of the map were cut out. I ran 6.14 min/k, not to bad, except that I lost the race by 14 seconds to someone who ran 6.67 min/k. Hmm.

    My route in red, winner's route in purple.

    Cheating? Out of the spirit? No one thought so after the fact, just wasn't something I wanted to do.

    It was a mass start. One fun thing about this race was the 2 to 3 leg, where I lost the pack in the forest, punched first, and on my way from 3 to 4, saw the pack contouring along towards 3. I did the best Gagarin fake I've ever done, and watched the whole pack peel down towards me, losing a line or two in the process. It was great! I guess I got what I deserved in the end ...