O Log - Allamuchy


    Allamuchy is in Northern NJ, about 20 miles from Delaware Water Gap. Its one of my favorite places to orienteer, even tho this was only my second race there. The terrain seems Harrimanesque, tho less physical and technical. I ran my first red course ever there, 4 years ago. I took me 121 minutes back then. Today's course was 500m shorter, and it took me 46 minutes. I guess you learn alot in 4 years.

    I'm rarely happy with a race, but I was happy with today's race, pretty much. Alot of things were working against me, it was cold, wet, with lots of slippery rocks and leaves. OTOH, the leaves were down, so viz was good. I did ok, third place in what I saw as a tough field for a local meet. I couldn't have placed better. Even if I was in better shape, I'm not sure if I could have run much faster, and not killed myself. I bobbled #1, and made a parallel error en route to #12, losing about 90 seconds total, I guess. I'll take it.

    Here is the course with my routes

    I haven't been able to update these pages too much lately due to a large project with a tight deadline I've just landed. The good news is that the extra money would allow me to go to the Possum Trot, the bad news is that I now don't have the time to go to the Possum Trot. Sounds like something out of O Henry. I guess the thorns and foul weather will have to wait ... (the problem with that race is that, being in December, I'm always out of time and money by the end of the year ...)