O Log - About
  • I like to keep a running diary of my O races to refer back to. Writing about O, and about past races, is good training. The act of thinking about the words you are going to say helps the mind think about the actual O problems in question (or at least it seems that way).

  • Here is a guide to the archive ...

       Writeup of a race in the US with my maps and routes
       Normal opinionated blog-like sludge about orienteering
       Rant or editorital about USOF
       Some sort of minor O game or puzzle
       Some sort of opinionless news
       Usually a writeup or long article about a non-US race or O trip; sometimes just dreaming about an O trip

  • Sometimes people ask me about the map archive. Each map is from a race I've been in, except for one from a model event. Also, each map from the snippet rotation is from one of my race maps, with a handful of exceptions: a few (4 or so) are from maps I've trained on; 1 course setting; and 1 DNS. The map/route archive is a smaller subset than the snippet archive.

  • And some other toys ...

       Armchair Gadget: mapsurfer.com Route Gadget Database. Feel free to enter routes, either as armchair training, or if you happened to run in the particular race.
       Worldview: Google Earth view of some of the O maps I've run on. This was more of a toy to create rather than use, as the number of maps exceeds the documented practical limit of 150 by quite a bit. But it is still usable with the right browser and a little patience. All pins are exactly on the specified O map somewhere.