randy's Metal Detecting Blog


    Welcome to my metal detecting blog. This is mostly about posting my finds, when I'm fortunate enough to find something good, and my stories, when i have a cool one to post, with an occasional tip or article thrown in. I'll also prolly post alot of non-metal detecting opinion, especially when the finds are thin. In fact, there could come a time when this blog has nothing to do with metal detecting at all; I have strong opinions on just about everything.

    I started metal detecting in July, 2008, but didn't get serious until the spring of 2010. I use a Minelab E-Trac, tho I am anxious to learn more about Minelab's new rumored machine.

    I started this blog on 01-Jan-2012, cause I found 516 silver coins in 2011, and regret not having a more detailed blog of the year. Since I can't come close to duplicating that again, it seems silly to start a blog with your career in decline, but it is what it is. In all honesty, the primary motivation for doing this blog is to learn about blogging software, and operating a blogging website.

    So, that's that. I hope you enjoy my finds and stories.

    Oh, and BTW, here is my original dirt fishing stub. Its bad, but it least it shows how I have grown as a detectorist. And here is the old button story I had on the old site. I like this sort of thing, so I kept it around. These are the sorts of entries I hope to write.


    516 Silvers in 2011