Year End Summary

I didn’t metal detect since April, and found a total of 3 silvers on the year.  I expect to get back to it this spring.  The scripts that run this place need this entry at the end of the year, so that is why I’m bothering.


Couple of Recent Hunts

Got out last Fri to my second best all time site; the Q was the 125th silver I have pulled from there.  Started hunting the site in Nov 09, and pulled the bulk of them in 2010 and 2011, but it always seems to give up something each year.

I keep meticulous records of where I’ve been at a site, so what I’ve been doing is going over the hot zones in the spring when the ground is wet, and with the Big Unit to see if more would be coughed up.  Nada, never really seems to happen, so I guess I’ve done a pretty good job the first time.

The Q was from a way out of the way section that I had never gone over, and it was more or less a random field theory find.  I have one more really dense hot zone section from before I want to go over, and one out of the way zone, then it will be adieu to this site.  Sad to close such a special site.  The question is, when will I get to it?

Yesterday I pulled a barber dime from a very sparse random field theory site.  I had found my 4th and 6th ever silvers there, in 2009, using a DFX. in those days, but all it has given up since is coppers (I think 20 or so total, but I’m not a big copper guy), so its a 3 silver site, but there is always a chance for something special, especially as the first silver I found here was a half reale.

I hit a zone where I was finding lots of shallow buttons, buckles, an IH, and the like, so I thought I had a good shot at something, prolly a copper.  When I got the silver dime signal, and I knew it was going to be a silver dime, I thought it could be a bust or at least a seated, given the general age of the relics, but it wasn’t to be.  Tough to be disappointed over a barber silver, but I often am, as I spent nearly 4 hours gridding this section of the field.  I think in terms of hour per silver, and modern silver should be 1 per 2 hours worst case (gone are the days I could pull 2 per hour :( )

Merc Today

Got out for the first time since whenever today (I think last August).  2 hour hunt at a site that has never given anything up, but I wanted to try it in the spring when the ground was wet.  Frustrating, hunted out site — only 4 deep coins in 2 hours, but fortunately one was a 1937 merc.

Well, this was a one off — I don’t expect to have the time to do much detecting for a while, but hopefully I squeeze out another silver or two this spring.  We’ll see.