Happy Thanksgiving

Not sure if anyone checks on this page any more, but if so, Happy Thanksgiving.

I’ve only detected twice since the last update (Aug 6).  Both for a couple of hours, and both nothing but clad.  One was an old site that was never really that promising, and one was an old piece of private property that just became public; a huge site.

I had high hopes for the second site, but had obviously been nighthawked over the the years, as there really wasn’t even much clad.  Its not the sort of site permission would have been granted for.  Oh well.  Maybe I’ll try again someday.

I expect to remain on detecting hiatus for a while (and now we’ve even got snow, so another endless winter looks like its here), and I do miss it.  In the unlikely event I get out soon, and find something good, I’ll post it, otherwise the blog is dead for now.

(For the curious, it all started when I got Lyme disease, and the meds kept me out of the sun (I tried detecting, but got a really bad sunburn), so I went onto other projects, that now seem never ending).