Finds For This Week

Got out a couple of times early this week.  First site was a school I hit last year that gave up a few silvers.  Site is huge, and I spent a long time there, but didn’t get any silvers despite getting some good tells.  Very frustrating.  Did get a silver ring, and a bizarre silver wheatie pendant.  Have no idea what this thing is actually coated in, or why someone would go to the trouble to make it, but it rang in as a silver Q.  Very frustrating.

Next day did some random field theory at a brand new field.  Somewhat promising, as I pulled a pair of wheaties and a silver dime.  Field goes back to the 1700s; a bit of a letdown when the silver dime signal turns out to be a ’51 rosie.


Haven’t detected since the last update, except for a couple of days this week.  Only find of note was a deep sterling ring.

I’ve been traveling and working alot, including an exotic trip to South America, where I managed to catch an equally exotic virus, and had to cruise on back home prematurely, and lay around in bed for a while.  Yikes, its been a rough month overall, in all honesty.

Anyway, hopefully all that badness is behind me.  I’m still not sure how much detecting I’ll be doing the rest of the summer, but hopefully slightly more.  I feel I’m in semi-retirement mode, but one good day or good site could change that.  We’ll see.