Couple of barbers recently, one on Thursday’s hunt, one on Friday’s hunt.  These are from different sites; both previous silver sites from recent entries.  Came up one short of the trifecta on each day.

Thursday’s dimes –

Friday’s dimes –

Both sites are on the stingy side, and I don’t get too many barbers, so we’ll take ‘em.

Thursday’s was shallow and a bit weird, rang in like a silver quarter, and was right in the middle of the park.  Really weird.  I think it was on its side, cause coins on their side tend to ring higher on the E-Trac, or maybe it was affected by something.  Hard to believe it was missed in a smallish, sparse park.

It also cleaned up quite nice, aside from a blemish on the back, which may have been caused by being pressed up against a mineralized rock for 100 years.  I wonder how it would grade, ex damage –

Not the best pic, but it looks good in person, trust me :)

Friday’s barber was a really difficult dig, in a trashy site where everything was difficult, and the density was much less than I had hoped, tho I did have the merc, a few wheaties, and what I thought were a couple of coppers (they weren’t, as it turns out).

This one was just a tiny silver chirp thru all the trash.  What I call a “good ears” silver.  Down I went into the hole and didn’t find it, and I often give up on these, but another scan of the PP and I heard the faintest chirp on the side of the hole.  Worked the spot, and out it popped, another one on its side, and deep.  This one was possibly one of the most difficult silvers I ever dug.  Too bad I don’t have a video camera, as it is hard to describe these.

Turned out to be a 1902.  The merc was a 1939D, my first one, which fills a hole in my dug merc album.  Only need 23 more, including all the hard ones (except the 26S).  Good luck with that project.

Career Copper #100

Career copper #100 today.  And, it true tradition, it is a complete unidentifiable toastie.

Also a 1919 buff with the front toasted, a sterling turquoise ring, and a handful of deep wheaties.  No silvers, and that’s too bad, cause there should have been.  Oh well.

This is a new site, a field where there was a baseball diamond on the 30s aerials, but it was gone by the 50s.  I had high hopes that no one remembered it, and the competition had overlooked it, but it was not to be.  Targets were sparse and deep.  There prolly were not a ton of targets to begin with, as it is not near a large town, but there should have been at least 1 stinkin’ merc for 3 hours of trouble.  Thought I had one right at the end of the hunt, but it turned out to be that sterling ring.

Also found another ring that rang in high, but was stamped 18 and then a crown symbol.  I think that means its supposed to be 18K.  I think it was gold-filled, as the metal tested as gold, but I could see copper everywhere.  I think it was pretty old,. cause it was deep like everything else.  Prolly $10-20 bucks of gold on it, but the refiners won’t take ‘em.  Too bad.

Boyertown Silver

Sometimes doing this blog gets so tedious, especially with all the real crap that’s going on, that you just have to throw a completely different title out there, one the gives away the location of the site.  Maybe a better idea is to shut the whole damn thing down.

Boyertown is a town about a half hour from where I live, and despite having lived where I live pretty much my whole life, I’ve never been there.  I have no idea why. cause I just like to drive around an explore places, just to piss off the enviroalarmists who think my doing so causes global warming.

Its actually a pretty cool town, and is a nice place to metal detect.  Best of all, it has silver,  Hopefully it has more, tho I don’t think it has much as the site I was on had been hit hard.  Only there for about 90 minutes and managed to score a Q that was deep, on its side, and affected by ferrous.  No slam dunk silvers here.

Have a nice holiday everyone.

Yesterday’s Silver

Got out yesterday for a rainy day hunt at the same place as the previous day.  Just a dime.  Machine was really going crazy in the rain, as it usually does.  I should not have gone out, but I just had to, as my hunting opportunities are limited these days, so I take ‘em when I get ‘em.

Hat Trick Today

Found three silver dimes today.  Woohoo.  I never get tired of it, baby.

This is from a site I worked back in October of last year.  Everyone says its hunted out.  At that time, I had 19 silvers.  Now I have 22.  Not bad.  Interesting that pretty much every site that gets past 21 silvers in my log makes it to 40, with only a couple of exceptions.  I expect this to be one of them.


I’ve been out once since 5/7 before today.  Just to close off my 76 silver site.  Didn’t find anymore silvers.  Oh well.  So sad to see such a special site go.  Found 2 half dollars there, including a Barber, a shield nickel, a largie, and of course all the silvers.  Just a normal town park.  Who says you can’t find silver in parks anymore?  Bet there are quite a few still there.  Found most of them in the summer of 2011, my 516 silver year.  Learned most of what I know about metal detecting at that place.

Back to the real world, where I am no longer finding silver, but, in all fairness, I rarely have to time or the circumstance to get out anymore.  I did get a rare weekend hunt in this morning tho, at an abandoned house.

Frustrating hunt, as I got alot of deep high tones, but not one single coin for about 4 hours.  It was hard to tell if the place was hunted out or not.  I did get 5 old copper buckles and a big ass skeleton key (about 5 inches long), which suggested that there could be goodies here, but there weren’t.  Those buckles sound so good too, like silver pretty much.

I also got a silver relic as a consolation prize, looks like the back of a pocket watch.  Its marked “junior coin No 1″, with some number stamped below it.  I couldn’t find anything on this, but I’m guessing that means it is coin silver,  It certainly tests as silver, and comes in at a hefty 12+ grams.

Finally, at the very end, got the only coin of the day, a toasted King George III copper with 3 (are you kidding me?) holes.  Certainly not photo-worthy, there just for reference for the big silver thing.

Well, it looks like that kind of year, where I don’t get out much.  We’ll see.

Another Rosie

Well, not much too exciting going on around here.  Went back to my “pennies from heaven” site from recent days, just hoping to score one old silver, and instead got another penny, another 1912.  Site is too overgrown to do more there, so that’s that.

Yesterday pulled a another rosie, woohoo!  They all start to look the same after a while, don’t they, tho I’ll admit I never tire of finding them.

This was from my (now) 76 silver site, which pretty much now has all the loose ends cleaned up.  One more day there, just to do a farewell hunt at some point.  Its sad finishing such an awesome site.  Not only that, its a really beautiful and pleasant place to be.

Well, I’ve been swamped lately, and had some particularly unpleasant business to deal with recently, plus I’m injured, so I’ve been a bit cranky and haven’t been able to get the hours in detecting.  At least the unpleasantness is over, but I doubt I’ll me getting many more hours in anytime soon.

Silver Yesterday and Today

Well, nothing too exciting, a dime yesterday, and a dime today.  Also got a silver bling yesterday — its been a long time since I’ve gotten a silver bling (and nearly 2 years since I’ve gotten a gold bling).

Yesterday’s site was my third best site, now at 75 silvers.  I was happy to get it to that 75 milestone.  Most of my production there came in the summer of 2011, and I’ve rarely been back since.  Still going thru my old sites and cleaning up loose ends from the days when I wasn’t such a meticulous record keeper.  I was going thru unfinished zones from memory, and I’m sure I went over the same areas twice (one thing I hate doing, as it is obviously inefficient).  I think the place is more or less dry now, but there are still some loose ends.  We’ll see when and if I get to closing it out.  Its an amazing site, and I miss it.

Today was a rare weekend hunt — a more or less new site.  The problem with this site is that it is far from home.  I hunted it once last fall, and IIRC, had a double digit wheatie day, but no silvers.  I’ve been drooling over this site for years, and always imagined it as a triple digit site, as it is so massive (well larger than any site I’ve ever worked), and quite old.  Also apparently hunted hard, as I only pulled a few targets today; 3 wheaties and the merc.  Density is also an issue here, as it is with any massive site.  On the upside, it is impossible for it to be hunted out.  Still could be a triple digit site, but it might take 10 years to get there at my rate.  More realistically might be a 10-20 silver site, we’ll see.

Monster Site Silver

I have 2 monster sites, one that has produced 140 silvers, and the other 127.  That’s alot, as these things go (40 is alot as these things go).

I went to the larger of the 2 today.  Most of the silvers were found in 2011, but I keep going back, and occasionally find a stray silver.  Some areas I’ve gridded over 6 times now, and still get the goods.  (The whole thing isn’t that simple, and merits a long article (a small part of which I posted to Minelab’s find of the month site when I found 112 silvers over the span of 17 days, including a 23 spot, in 2011), but today isn’t the day for that article, as I’m just way too pressed for time.

Now, its just a normal site that I’m in the process of closing out, but it gave up #141 and #142 today.  Whohoo.