Into the Dead Zone, Baby!

Back to the fields of dreams, while it lasts (same site as yesterday), and pulled an 1820 largie pretty much straightaway.  A bit later on, a rosie, and when you are in old fields giving up copper after copper, when you get a silver dime signal, you hope it is a bit better than a rosie.  Tough to be disappointed on a silver coin, but I was on this one.

But keep gridding on and on and on, and eventually we got one baby!.  A badly worn 1840 seated dime!  It was an iffy signal, as it turns out due to the fact it is on the thin side  Then not 10 feet on, a slam dunk silver dime signal, and I say please be a bust or another seated, and there is was, a rather nice 1876 seated dime, and my first ever silver coin in the dead zone (those who read me know that means 1858-1891).  Not a bad amount before, and plenty after, but my first right in the middle.  We’ll take it.  (Someday I’ll write up why I think the dead zone is dead, but that won’t be tonite).

Unbelievable baby!  First ever multi seated day.  A single seated day is awesome in my book.  In fact, I didn’t dig a single seated coin in all of 2013, now I have 2 after about 7 hunts this year.  My season is made already, baby!


A Couple of Coppers Today

I’ve only been out a couple of times since the last entry.  Rough weather and a rough life. I didn’t find much on either of those other hunts since 3/3, but I found a couple of coppers today.  This is from the same field site that gave up that bust half last year, and, including today, has given up 7 coppers as well.  Problem is, and I knew this was coming when I got permission on the site, is that my days here are numbered.  Maybe next week.  Such a sweet site.  I never knew field hunting could be so fun and relaxing. Too bad about all that snow, three months lost.

Anyway, here are the coppers.  A totally abused 179x draped bust largie, and a mostly abused 1864 two cent piece.

When I pulled the two-center, I thought it was a half cent.  Nice that it was a two-center instead, as that is in the “dead zone”.  There is hope for dead zone silver here, we’ll see.

By this time last year, I had 75 silvers.  I have 1 so this year, and it is from southern Virginia.  Yeah, the weather has been rough, but it has also caused me to lose momentum and take up other activities, in particular ultra running, which takes alot of time and energy, and Carcassonne, which is cool (and also takes alot of time).  Plus, there is all the yardwork from all the storms.

Now that spring finally appears to be here, I may get more into detecting again, but maybe not.  I have alot of ultra running on the calendar.  I guess we’ll see.  I’m thinking it could be a struggle to meet my goal of 30 silvers this year, but all it takes is one hot site.  Hopefully I’ll find one.

Virginia Silver

Scored my first silver of the year, on 02/27.  Whohoo!  Lets show that one big, strong, and proud, cause I ain’t seen one come out of the ground in a very long time –

There is still too much snow around here to detect, but I took a roadtrip to Mississippi to escape the cold and snow (not with any intent to detect, but I threw my detector in the car just in case), and I stumbled upon a sweet looking site along the way in small, remote town in Virginia.

In the first 5 minutes, I had a bottlecap, wheatie, and silver.  I figure its a 50 to 100 silver site, but I had to press on.  Too bad, cause I don’t know when I’ll be back that way.

I didn’t have a chance to do any other detecting on the trip.  Too bad, cause its still to cold and snow-covered around here.

So, Virginia is my 11th state where I’ve found a silver coin.  Finding silver on the road actually turns out to be kinda hard, cause its not the thing you are gonna waste time researching, so you have to luck into driving by silver sites.  In this case, tho, I might research the site and go back someday (but only if on the way to another goal).

So, I’ve found a total of 8 coins so far this winter.  3 coppers, 2 wheaties, 1 silver, and 2 clads.  Nice ratio, I guess.  Hopefully, winter will be over soon, we’ll see.