Barber Quarter

A couple of finds from last weekend, including a Barber quarter, which doesn’t come up too often for me.  These are from short hunts last Fri and Sat, and I have not detected since, and, due to the heat, I don’t expect to for a while.


I’m in sort of metal detecting withdrawal, and, as I’ve posted previously, don’t expect to do much this summer (but hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze some in), and, I also expect to post here rarely.

So, this post has nothing to do with metal detecting, but it is about a new page I added to my website about my favorite game, Wiz-War.  Specifically, it is about a project I did with my son to produce new cards for an old version of the game.

This is extremely esoteric stuff, but those who know me know I love to document stuff, so here it is, FWIW.

Fourspot Today

On Friday, the rain cut my hunt short, and I speculated about a big day had I been able to complete the hunt.  Today, I mostly finished that hunt, and pulled 4 more silver coins, meaning Friday’s hunt was really a sixspot.  I know it don’t work that way, but we’ll take the fourspot today anyway. who wouldn’t? But its been a while since I’ve dropped  a fivespot plus — Milli Vanilli sayz blame it on the rain, and that’s what I’m gonna do (that’s my nod to one of my fav bands — Barenaked Ladies, not the named fake singing haircuts).

Speaking of rain, I got rained on again today; had to take a long break in the middle of the hunt, and another shower forced me to bag it and head back to work, leaving about an hour of the site left.  Too bad.  Based on silvers per unit area, that section has, as most, one more silver to give.  I’m not too optimistic, but we’ll see.

School’s out in 4 days, and this may be the last dirt fishing entry of the summer, unless I pull one from that small section tomorrow.

One Thin Dime

I don’t detect much on weekends, but I spotted a sort of out the box site the other day, and got out after dinner to check it out.  Site turned out to be a dud — looks like it has been picked over pretty good.

The backup plan was a park in the area that is totally hunted out, it is pretty old, but extremely stingy.  I never go there unless I’m desperate for a place, and am in the area, but, I figure as I get better, I have a chance.

And this evening I did manage to squeak out a thin silver dime at this park, a 1916 merc.  Too bad, no D.  It was a classic 35-50 silver, wish I had a video camera, so I could demonstrate these.  I think this is about my 10th hunt at this park, and only the 4th silver I’ve squeezed out of it, and all have been tough.  A thin 35-50 silver, a deep one its side, and 2 in heavy trash in an out of the box section.  Sheesh.  Also dug a 1914 wheatie tonite, and a couple of newer ones.  Any old coins are a victory at this site.


Farewell, farewell day turned into rainout, rainout day.  Too bad, cause I pulled 2 silver coins before lunch, which is a pretty good rate, and I was hoping it would continue to a 4 or 5 spot. But the rain cut it short.

Both were hard, the first was sitting over a large piece of iron; I couldn’t pinpoint it, nor tell if it was really a silver or an iron false, so I opened up a huge plug hoping to find it, and nothing.  These are almost iron falses, so I decided to move on, but scanned again and I could swear I heard a silver down there.  Opened up again, a little to the left, and there she was.  I’ve prolly left alot of these in the ground.  All silver coins are hard, but these are really hard. The hardest problem, at least for me, is telling ferrous affected deep silver from a ferrous false.  People who think this hobby is — you swing, it beeps, you dig, are clueless.  This hobby is intricate, intense, and detail-oriented, and while this example doesn’t really capture it, this hobby pulls in all the disciplines I hold dear.

The second silver was on its side.  This actually wasn’t hard for me, but was hard for the competition.  The skill here is to simply to own an E-Trac.  It is awesome at silvers on their side.  Many competing machines are not.  If you are a newbie, and want silver, buy an E-Trac.  All the blather, bluster, and bullshit in the world will not change the fact that it is the machine, not the man.

Back to the rain.  It rained for about a half hour.  As much as I love the E-Trac, it simply fails in the rain.  So I called it a day, and I write a blog entry now while I look out at sunlight under which I could be trying to find more silver.  Oh well.

It occurs to me I should use the spare time to write a Friday Afternoon Album entry, but I don’t feel like it, and I have way too much to do (like clean up those silvers, one of which I have a hunch is a key date). Today’s album is: Bob Mould: Workbook.  I’ll never get tired of this album (and I think it is 90s, not 80s, nice change, huh?).  Download and enjoy.