Rain, Wiz-War Cards, and Celtic Music

No metal detecting today.  Drove a half hour back to my site of recent luck, and literally the moment I started swinging, it started to snow.  Are you kidding me?  Got thru one rank of building on the grid, and called it a day.  The snow was melting on my machine, and when it gets wet, it weirds it out bigtime.  I worry about permanent damage.  I need to get me one of those waterproof 3030s (except I hear they are not as good on silver as the E-Trac, who knows if that’s true?  I don’t have 2 grand to do that experiment.).

And, I guess my silver streak is broken for detecting for 15 minutes.  I don’t really track them anymore, but if I had a monster one going, I probably wouldn’t count it as broken.  I think I’m in the ballpark of 10 or so now.

So now we’ve got some steady rain, so I took the time to get some tasks off my list; one being putting set 5 of my Wiz-War cards up.  These were actually done in December, but who has the time? — (especially when loading 1500 songs onto someone’s iPod poke poke :-) )  Some of these cards are a bit experimental, and may be removed or modified, we’ll see.

I guess I should spend some time writing about the awesome Celtic music fest from Saturday, but I’m horrible writing about music.  (Yeah a music festival in February — sort of a weird venue — a windowless floor below the Valley Forge Casino, but what are you going to do in the dead of winter?  While we all prefer street festivals or other outdoor venues, didn’t really detract from it much at all).

All I can say is that Albannach, Brother, and Barleyjuice were awesome.  Saw two sets by the first two.  The highlight for me was when Shelley from Barleyjuice played fiddle during Albannach’s set (for those who don’t know, and I’m sure that’s most everyone reading this), Albannach is 4 percussionists and bagpipes.  Quite an awesome sound in its own right, but the added fiddle really worked, especially when it is someone you know from another band you like.

Yeah, I’m not gonna be able to spend 10 paragraphs writing about this concert.  You can’t get the sound from a lame blog anyway (at least not this one), and it could not do it justice.  Maybe I need to get a phone (although the phone vids I’ve seen don’t do it justice either).  Gotta go to these things live, I’m afraid.  (BTW, Albannach, at least, and probably Barleyjuice will be at the Celtic Fling they have every summer in Lebanon County.  Set your calendars, there are always a ton of great bands there).

More Wiz-War Cards

I’ve added yet another collection of Wiz-War cards to my homebrew set.  I’ll be playtesting them this long holiday weekend.   They are less over the top than previous sets, but work to keep important ratios in place.

I continue to think about refactoring the game.  I’m loyal to the original (the classic edition, not the modern edition), but see a simple 10% refactoring/pulling just a few things into the architecture and out of the cards leading to pure magic.  When we play, its almost pure magic — unintended consequences that are resolved rationally, to the wisest wizard.  What if you could do this unambigiously for all combinations in the architecture?

Godel has proved that this is impossible to do for a complex system (and believe me, Wiz-War is a complex system), but just like NP complete problems can be de facto solved approximately in non NP complete time, Godel can be cheated (in approximation) by my minor Wiz-War refactoring.

It would be pure magic, but I can’t due to my loyalty to the original.  Which I guess is ok, cause when we play, the things I speak of are still pure magic.  Its unbelievable.

More Wiz-War Cards

After some very nice playtesting this weekend, I have added a second set of homebrew Wiz-War cards to my ongoing project to keep the Classic Edition alive and expanding (at least in my mind).  This project was previously documented here.  At some point, you do feel like your are getting near an optimal point, and continuing to throw stuff into the soup will dilute the original away, but it is still fun, especially if you remember to keep it more on the line of variations on a theme rather than too many wholesale new things, but a bit of the latter is good.

As for dirt fishing, taking a bit of a break (at least for this weekend, and maybe a bit more), as there are lots of projects going on, and I am a bit burnt out after some recent events.


I’m in sort of metal detecting withdrawal, and, as I’ve posted previously, don’t expect to do much this summer (but hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze some in), and, I also expect to post here rarely.

So, this post has nothing to do with metal detecting, but it is about a new page I added to my website about my favorite game, Wiz-War.  Specifically, it is about a project I did with my son to produce new cards for an old version of the game.

This is extremely esoteric stuff, but those who know me know I love to document stuff, so here it is, FWIW.