11 Silvers: 31-Jan-13

The site is a non-descript field where I had pulled six silvers the day before, and had deduced that there was a linear hot zone from my previous 2 days of detecting the site.  I’m not sure why there should be such a hot zone (the research shows nothing), but its there, and I don’t care why, quite frankly.  One of the silvers (the 10th, giving me the double), was a nice walker.

This was the 15th double digit day of my career.  The full writeup (quite tedious) of the hunt is here.

12 Silvers: 09-Apr-2012

This was at another site that had been generous to my E-Trac, tho it gave up nothing to the V3 when I had it.  Turned out to be a good call for me in making that switch. Too bad I wasn’t blogging at the time, or I would have had plenty to blog about that subject.

This turns out to be my second double digit day of the year (12th overall),  on the exact one year anniversary of my first ever.

Here’s the link to the original blog entry, which turns out to be shorter than this entry.  Well, the point of this whole exercise is to learn how to use modern blogging software, and the point of this linkback is, that when I do it, I get this pingback thingy, so I am definitely learning something.

10 Silvers: 21-Oct-2011

This would be the final double digit day at this site.  This is one of the more amazing ones, given the quantity of quarters, including 2 SLQs right next to each other. This would be only 1 of 3 times I pulled over $2 face of silver.  I remember when I was a newbie, I was happy to pull that much clad.

This run would produce 127 silvers in 2011.  And it still produces occasionally, tho I believe its honey hole days are behind it (but who knows, with that new Minelab machine coming).  Hopefully I will find another like it someday.

One of these days, I intend to write an article about it.

10 Silvers: 11-Oct-2011

After having a double digit day in April, I never thought I’d be that lucky again.  But this 10 silver day turned out to be the first of 7 double digit days at this amazing honeyhole.  I knew from the previous day’s hunt that the site could be a monster (7 silvers that day), and I turned out to be right.

Admittedly, I was motivated, and spent long days at the site.

19 Silvers: 09-Apr-2011

Pulled 19 silvers on this day.  This was my first ever double digit day, and one I will remember forever. I knew the site was loaded, and there was also someone else working it, so I made it a point to put in a 12 hour day to see how many I could find.  Most were tough and in the trash, and it was quite a thrill to hear that sweet sound of silver on the E-Trac all day.

I may have gotten to 20, but my battery died.  I still had a half hour to go before that happened.  Learned my lesson that day, it never dies anymore, and I have a spare.

This is also about when I started taking pics with the dirt on them, cause some asshole on one of the forums was doubting my finds before this. Well, to quote the classic show Seinfield, they are real, and they are spectacular.  Eat your heart out, Doubting Thomas.