Today’s Silver

I didn’t expect to get out much this week (and likely won’t), but did have a few hours at a park I have previously called the “the toughest silver park in Chester County”.

I did get some silver tho, a small peace sign charm, and a silver Q.  This is the first silver Q I have ever gotten from this place, and the funny thing is that I was just thinking that could never get a silver Q from such a hunted out site.  I barely heard it, and it was relatively shallow as these things go (7 inches). It just proves the effects trash and mineralization have.  I wonder if the 13 inch unit helped on this one or not.  (I also dug a very deep piece of high tone junk, and this is significant, cause you never dig deep high tone junk at hunted out parks).

The silver charm is also a win, cause tho it was 4 inches deep, it is small and was in trash.  Its nice to know the Ultimate 13 coil can fish half-dime sized silver target out of trash, as big coils can be iffy on small targets in trash.  Now I just have to find an actual half dime — been a long time (tho I did get that 1890 “fish scale” Canadian 5 cent silver piece with the big coil recently, that was not in trash, and is not quite the same).

The silver Q is my 6th silver coin from this site.  I did at least 4 or 5 good hunts at this site before finding my first.  I knew a guy in New England who claimed to find silver at hunted out parks, and I always said to myself, I bet you won’t find any here.  Now, I’ve found a few.  Just goes to show that there is more skill to this game than outsiders realise, and that you can improve.

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