Found Jesus Today

Oh my, here comes a story like no other I’ve done.  We’ll see how it goes.  JK Rowling suggests that the wand finds the wizard (forget the fact that everything she has done is so obviously derivative that crediting her seems silly).  Neuropsychologists suggests that the words find the tongue (cf, Dennett, Daniel, for the best work on this subject).  Lets hope the story finds the writer, but I’m zero optimistic that that has happened (but at least it may provide some much needed humor).  So, here goes.

But, as much as I love the opening paragraph, it just ain’t gonna happen today, and that’s too bad, cause it was good.  I was gonna talk about dreams within dreams, and even use the word oneironaut for possibly the first time in a metal detecting blog.

But, today was just rough in the end, so I’ll just post the finds and go to bed.

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