Silver and Gold

Didn’t get out much past Monday’s 11 silver blowout, mostly cause its the last week before school.  Got out yesterday, to clean up the 20% of the pond dredge I’d written about in past entries (and was skunked), then went to a new site for some soundings (and was skunked); site has some potential, but is low on the list.

Got out today and did a bit better.  Day didn’t start out well — the site I wanted to hit was an old honeyhole that had given up 127 silvers, and I wanted to give my 13 inch unit a spin on the site to see what I missed in the past, but the site was in use in one hot section, and overgrown in the other (tho the good news is that they were mowing).  It did leave me to believe why I had such success at that site tho, perhaps it is overgrown most of the time, and I hit it when it was not.

So, onto the backup site, which is one of my shrines, the site I got my 500th silver at last year.  Was giving up less than bupkis, but eventually I hit a deep 12-30 on the E-Trac, and at a site with no targets, you dig everything.  All I could think of while I was digging was what silver could be at 12-30, and the only possibility (in US money), is a trime, but it seemed too deep for that.  What other coins?  Only a $5 gold at that number.  Good luck with that. We hoped.  We prayed to all the gods we can count, and it did turn out to be gold, an 18K wedding band at 8 inches.  We’ll take it.  No question in my mind that it is old (I’ve dug IHs and coppers shallower at this site, and besides, 18K for a wedding band went out a long time ago, tho I don’t know when).

Gold is awesome, but those who read my blog know its about only three things, the shiny, the AG, and the silver (notice the order of the title words of this entry).  And it wasn’t happening at this site, so I moved on. (gold is circumstantial; silver is systemic).

Moved on to perhaps the most difficult site to pull silver in Chester County; it frustrates me time and time again, but it was there, and on the way to the supermarket.  And besides, I wanted to test my big 13 inch unit at this site.  And I did pull a silver dime, and I was pretty excited about that, cause it was the clearest silver signal I’ve ever gotten at this site.  Not sure if it was the new coil or not (we can only hope), but will take that 54 rosie.

Will this new coil open up hard, hunted out sites?  I hope so, but I’m not terribly optimistic.  Despite the hunted out nature of Chester County’s hardest silver site, that rosie was not particularly deep.  So who knows?

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