This Week’s Hunts

Not much detecting this week, but got out a couple of times.  Pulled a barely legal rosie the other day from the site of the pond dredging I wrote about last time, and today pulled 3 silvers, the quarter from the pond dredging dirt and two dimes from another zone, as the dredge dirt, while it gave up a few silvers, was slow going, and I needed a change.

You can see how sitting in the water all those years affected the two from the pond dirt.  The one other rosie is pretty beat as well, tho.

One other hunt was an excavated site that I had never been to before; I wasn’t sure what to expect, but in the past I have done very well at an excavated site.  This site was a skunk, tho, as the excavation was too deep (about 12 inches, and I didn’t find a single coin that deep).  I hit the tailing piles for a bit, and did find a few coins, including a wheatie, but no silver.  Site seemed pretty hunted out, tho I did get some very deep clad in the non-excavated section, so perhaps there is hope.

Also today dug a 1915D wheatie, which fills a hole in my dug wheatie album.

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