Better than a Trifecta

Back to the site that surrendered a beautiful silver spoon yesterday, to the same trashy section of it.

I didn’t hold out much hope, as the site seemed pretty hunted out, and the spoon was likely ignored by many as trash, but I was fortunate enough to pull three silver coins out of the trash, a 1926 merc, a 1907O barber dime, and a barely legal silver quarter.  Had the quarter been a rosie, it would have been a trifecta, something I rarely get.  I also pulled a 5 gram sterling ring (not pictured).  All of the silvers were quite difficult, and I was thrilled to have sniffed them out.

But the best part of the hunt was meeting an old lady who came up to chat with me. One of my favorite parts of this hobby is interacting with the locals.

We talked about what I find and was finding, and we talked about the silver spoon.  Turns out she knew “Regina 07″, who grew up on the same  block as her.  How cool is that?  When you find a relic, its cool to think about the people who once owned it, even cooler to meet someone who knew them, and knew where they lived.  I inquired about returning the spoon to the family, but she said there was no surviving family left.

I also inquired about permission to hunt her property, which dates to the 1800s.  Sure, no problem.  An adventure for a future day.

Can you believe this January weather?

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