Morning Hunt With My Wife

Made it out this morning with my wife to the same site as recent hunts, but into a different zone.  I expected this zone to be trashier, so I started with the stock coil.  Targets were much thinner than the previous zone, but we managed to get a silver Q in the first hour.  It was only 3 inches deep, on its side and in a tangle of roots.  It seemed clear that this zone had been detected pretty heavily before, as there were fewer targets than in recent sections.

Got a deep, iffy signal in trash, and figured it was a silver, and I wanted to see if the Ultimate 13 could separate like the stock coil, so, as my first test, I changed coils.  Could not hear the target as well with the Ultimate 13 unit, but the whole test was a failure, as I did not even manage to recover the target, so it was likely a false or iron; it usually is, but who knows?  Given the hassle of changing coils, I don’t know how much science I’ll be able to do on comparing the coils.

My wife had to leave, and I kept the Ultimate 13 on for the rest of the hunt, even tho the area was pretty trashy; prolly too trashy for this coil, but I did manage to squeak out a couple more silvers — another Q and a badly tarnished 1917 merc.   Both were relatively shallow.

So, coil works in a trashy zone, but is very noisy, and there was no evidence it can separate deep targets, tho it did the other day in a less noisy zone.  Of course, the stock coil found nothing deep in the trash today either.

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