More Unidenfiable Coppers

Third hunt with the Ultimate 13 unit, and again it did not disappoint.  Had the 1896 Indian head and the silver Q within the first 15 minutes.  But then things slowed down, nothing else to show for the day except a couple more unidentifiable coppers.  I can make out a “CH” or “CP” on the larger one (as if it matters).

It seems we are finally getting to the edge of the zone I’ve been working where the finds start to thin out, tho the pair of coppers, while worthless in their own right, give us the hope to continue.  (And, while there is plenty of space left at this site, there are no remaining proven zones (a couple of unproven ones that I am cautiously optimistic about), and then the stress of finding a new site.  All things must pass).

Also dug a wheatie today, so its my 2nd penny tri-fecta in as many days.  And, my silver streak stretches to 10 hunts.  Just 42 hunts to go tie my record.

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