Silver Spoon

After finishing off my recent site, I was starting to get stressed out about finding new sites (and the unsustainability of this hobby will likely be a recurring theme of this blog).  But, I came up with a piece of public property that seemed completely out of the box, and decided to hit it.

The site was pretty dead, just an abused wheatie, and not much clad, which tells me it has been hit hard.  In these cases, I go for the trashiest section I can find, and hope to get stuff from the areas others were afraid to hit.

I got what I thought was a piece of trash, but when I pulled it out and cleaned the dirt off, I discovered it was an absolutely beautiful antique sterling silver spoon.  It is engraved “Regina 07″ on the handle, and aside from one dimple in the bowl, it is in perfect condition.

This is one of my best relic finds (really one of my best finds ever), and the best silver spoon (or maybe even silver relic) I’ve seen posted on any of the forums (tho I’ve only been reading them since 2008).  [EDIT: I'll admit I was very disappointed when American Detectorist (the forum where I am most active, and where I am a moderator), didn't even post it on their banner.  I guess I have a higher opinion of it than others.    Oh well, I still like it, was thrilled to find it, and am proud of it].

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