Another Silver Half Today

So, after yesterday’s entry, I think we can all agree that keeping it brief is a good idea.  Got a barber half and a pair of silver dimes today over 2 hunts.  Barber halves are cool cause they are pretty hard to find (this is my 4th ever, and I think that is alot for someone who started in the past couple of years).

This barber half was cool cause there was a 1912 wheatie in the hole with it.  It gave a weird signal, sort of bouncing between a silver quarter and a wheatie.  I imagine alot of machines have passed over that, and been confused, but before I dug, I said “wheatie + silver quarter”.  The E-Trac is really good at that sort of thing. Got the wheatie first, then rescanned with the pinpointer, and sure enough it was there, just under a thin layer of dirt.  It is so sweet seeing the rim of a big silver in the hole as you scrape away the dirt.

Along with the silver dimes, also pulled a 1919D wheatie — that, along with the 1912, fill 2 holes in my dug wheatie album. Woohoo.

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