Two Mercs In One Hole

Back to yesterday’s site, just trying to find a hot zone that is not littered with clad and no silver.  First hacked at yesterday’s zone which by all indications should be a 20 silver section, but it was even worse today — just deep clad (and less of it), and no silver.  Not sure why, and I have not solved this section, but sometimes the reason for failure is “Reason X” — you don’t know, but there is some reason, and you just have to cut your losses and move on.

Hit 3 other sections trying to find a hit of the shiny, and could not get anything going till it was time to go home, 2 silvers in one hole.  They were deep and in trash.  A pair of mercs, prolly 7 or 8 inches deep, in trash.  Hard to hear, but we got em.  I did not expect it to be silver when I opened the hole, cause so many other promising signals had dudded into clad or trash, but this one was deep, and it worked out.  Wonder if I would have heard it if it were just one in there? After I pulled the first one out, rubbed the pinpointer around and got the second.  Woo Hoo!  Nice ending for a very tough day.

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