Another Rosie

Been squeaking by with rosies lately, but also pulled a large silver religious pendant, and a small sterling charm.  I thought the pendant was a silver quarter, and the charm a silver dime.  Still silver, but they don’t count in terms of “silvers” cause they ain’t old coins.  The rosie, tho, does extend a modest silver streak to 4.

The hunt was at a new site I was quite optimistic about (and still am, I guess), but it was a bit frustrating, if any hunt with silver can be frustrating.  I pulled about 60 coins — 9 wheaties, the rosie, and about 50 clads.  Almost all of the clad was deep 60s and 70s clad, and the wheaties were deep as well.  These are all signs that the site was not hunted hard, there are no grade and fill issues, and it should have yielded more silver.

I look at 2 ratios — wheats to silvers and overall silver percentage.  Wheats to silvers is the most important, and mine is at 2.41 to 1.  Should have pulled 3-4 silvers by that count.  My overall silver percentage is a bit north of 5%, meaning about 1 of 20 coins I pull is a silver.  Should have had 3 by that metric as well.

So, the site owes me a couple.  Hopefully I’ll get some payback some day.  Its a huge site, with many sections and lots of fill and grade here and there, so it will require quite a bit of figuring, watching the ratios, and just plain luck to coax the silver out of it.  It also has an older section than what I was working today — waiting for rain on that so I get that extra depth.

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