Rosie and Large Cent

It was a long hunt in the heat today.  I went back to a site that had given up 2 mercs and an Indian head, but I never felt it had all that much promise.  Decided to give it a go anyway to be sure, and sure enough, the first 2 hours turned up bupkis, not even a wheatie.

That was an out of the box section of the site; decided to try an even more out of the box section, and this worked out a bit better, 3 wheaties and a rosie, all very shallow, as was the clad, suggesting this section had not been hunted much, but there wasn’t much density either.  Certainly there will be more there I figure, but if it hasn’t been hunted in the last 30 years, it can wait a bit longer.  This was just a data gathering run anyway, and the site is large. I wanted to explore other sections.

Decided to hit the section again closest to where the mercs were found the last time; I had been over it a couple of times in the past with not much more to show for it, but I did get one nice deep 01-44 on the E-Trac today; figured it could be a big silver, but it wasn’t to be; it was an 1845 large cent at 8-9 inches.  Like most coppers around here, its plenty abused from the acidic soil and poor drainage, but at least it has plenty of detail.  Might even grade XF were it not for the damage and patina.

Surprisingly, this is one of the nicest coppers I’ve ever dug. It is my 9th of the year, and 54th of my career.

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