Frustrating Day Ends With Silver

The day did not start off well — headed off to a 50-150 silver site to ask permission, and got the “nyet”, as they say in Kazakhstan.  Hate it when that happens.  100 silvers down the drain, tho we will try again in a couple of years.  Wouldn’t you?

Off to the backup site, which is the site where I pulled my 500th silver last year, so it is a personal shrine, but it is a very frustrating site.  Its a frustrating site cause there are so many high tones and so few coins — most detectorists don’t complain about high tones, but they have never been here. I think someone once held a contest here — see how many pieces of copper pipe you can cut into small pieces and throw around — 10 points for each piece that hits the ground.

The site is just littered with copper pipe fragments. pipe fittings. and other high tone trash, and you have to dig it all.  And in this rock hard dirt, that is work. Eventually one of the high tones turned out to be silver — a pair of rosies in a hole with other trash, meaning even these weren’t a slam dunk.  The sort of hole you don’t want to dig when the last 20 have been trash, but when it works out, you are glad you toughed it out.

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