Fourspot Today

On Friday, the rain cut my hunt short, and I speculated about a big day had I been able to complete the hunt.  Today, I mostly finished that hunt, and pulled 4 more silver coins, meaning Friday’s hunt was really a sixspot.  I know it don’t work that way, but we’ll take the fourspot today anyway. who wouldn’t? But its been a while since I’ve dropped  a fivespot plus — Milli Vanilli sayz blame it on the rain, and that’s what I’m gonna do (that’s my nod to one of my fav bands — Barenaked Ladies, not the named fake singing haircuts).

Speaking of rain, I got rained on again today; had to take a long break in the middle of the hunt, and another shower forced me to bag it and head back to work, leaving about an hour of the site left.  Too bad.  Based on silvers per unit area, that section has, as most, one more silver to give.  I’m not too optimistic, but we’ll see.

School’s out in 4 days, and this may be the last dirt fishing entry of the summer, unless I pull one from that small section tomorrow.

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