One Thin Dime

I don’t detect much on weekends, but I spotted a sort of out the box site the other day, and got out after dinner to check it out.  Site turned out to be a dud — looks like it has been picked over pretty good.

The backup plan was a park in the area that is totally hunted out, it is pretty old, but extremely stingy.  I never go there unless I’m desperate for a place, and am in the area, but, I figure as I get better, I have a chance.

And this evening I did manage to squeak out a thin silver dime at this park, a 1916 merc.  Too bad, no D.  It was a classic 35-50 silver, wish I had a video camera, so I could demonstrate these.  I think this is about my 10th hunt at this park, and only the 4th silver I’ve squeezed out of it, and all have been tough.  A thin 35-50 silver, a deep one its side, and 2 in heavy trash in an out of the box section.  Sheesh.  Also dug a 1914 wheatie tonite, and a couple of newer ones.  Any old coins are a victory at this site.

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