YTD Silver #203 Today

For those who just looked at the pics and didn’t read yesterday’s post (and who can blame them), I make my milestone post today.  Too much going on yesterday, and 203 is just as round a number as 200 anyway.

Back to the same site I’ve been working off and on for the past month or so; it has now given up 32 silvers.  I keep thinking the remaining sections are less promising, due to the layout, and what was where historically, but I keep being amazed that there still seem to be a handful of silvers to be found as I press on.

It is interesting, the first half of the site was really clean, very few coins, and very little non-ferrous, modern trash.  Tells me it has been hit hard.  As I work towards the less promising sections, I am getting much more modern trash.  Remember, newbies, trash is your friend. It gives you both the fact that people really have been in that zone, and it scares the competition away.  The trash is what is telling me to press on, and what I have surmised, is that the competition also decided this zone was not worthwhile, or was scared away by the trash, and the density of coins, historically, is much lower, but cause it has been hit less hard, it is all working out to be a push.

Well, just one day of terrain left here; the least promising edge; finish it off with farewell, farewell tomorrow.

Now, that religious pendant seems interesting.  It seems to be both silver and gold.  It is stamped “1/20 12K ON STERLING”. Never seen anything like it before, the gold seems real, not plated. As near as I can tell from googling, I guess that means it is 1/20th gold by weight.

It weighs 4.23gr, meaning the gold is worth about $5.30, and the silver about $3.30.  Interesting.  Were I to send it in with a batch of silver or gold, tho, I would not get the other half, I suspect.  Interesting in any case.

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