Barber Silver

Got out today to the site I’ve been working recently.  Blew it off yesterday cause it was grass mowing day (note to newbies — get friendly with the maintenance people and learn the grass mowing schedule (the detecting is always better the day after, for obvious reasons), and if you can get in a rhythm of cycling sites based on grass mowing day (and yes, it takes some luck, but it is possible), you will find more silver).

Today started out dead, dead, dead, dead, and, then, did I mention catastrophically dead?  My arm hurt from the lack of targets.  I even dig clad when in this state to rest my arm, and could not even find that.  But, that section of the site ended (which, BTW, was 2 feet at one edge from a silver from the other day, so it wasn’t totally irrational), and I moved on to another, less promising section.

But, first hit was an 11-47 on the E-Trac, which is always a clad quarter, and I dig ‘em cause they become beer money, but I was shocked to see the shiny disk not 3 inches deep.  Thought it was a bottlecap at first.  Why 11-47, I dunno, must have been affected.

Next target was a deep, iffy signal, sort of like a 35-50 silver, but with more bounce, and more of a sweet sound, and it was a 1913 barber dime.  Nice.  This silver was definitely affected, as there was a marble-sized blob of iron in the hole with it..  Also pulled 6 wheaties from this section, the oldest being a 1930.

But, there’s more.  Check out this ring I dug.  The f’ing thing is the size of a quarter.  Who has fingers this big?  Too bad it was base metal; had it been gold, I could retire now.  Geez.  Also dug this cool looking 6gr silver ring, which I forgot to post with the above silver coins.  This ring marks my 100th career silver bling/relic (as opposed to coins, which is in a completely different ballpark, of course).

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