Group Hunt Today

As I wrote yesterday, the group hunt site is “beyond hunted out”, and I was not disappointed in that analysis.  While I did pull 6 wheaties (and chose not to dig several others), which seems good for this site (and, actually, it is rather good, if you like wheaties (I don’t, FWIW)), I only pulled 1 deep clad, and deep clad is much more constructive than wheaties (someday, maybe I’ll write up why, tho this paragraph should have already given it away).

After about 4 hours, 25 guys had found 2 silvers, for a run rate of about 1 per 50 hours.  I try to avoid sites when that rate is worse than 1 per 2 hours or so.  But it was a nice day, a nice place, and it was great to hang out with other folks for a change.  Hard to believe, tho, that I found a walker at that site last time.

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