Hunt Saving Silver

Made it back to the site of a couple days ago where I pulled a copper.  I was excited about this section cause coppers are generally constructive, and it is also a section that seems like it is never mowed, yet is was this week, meaning the tall grass could have kept other folks out in the past.

But, it took over an hour before I got my first coin of any kind.  I will tell you, that is frustrating. And after about 2.5 hours of not much, only a wheatie and a couple clads, (but some encouraging high-tone junk), I decided the zone was a dud after all and wandered around a bit.  Nothing happening doing that either.

So I started gridding onto the edge of a previously productive section, but that dudded as well.

With an hour left before I had to get back to work, I started wandering again and hit a rosie, what we call the hunt saver.  At that point, decided to hit some really old stonework in the woods, and the path that lead from it, but that turned up empty.

Decided to focus, then, on the area near the rosie, and pulled a quarter and dime just before I had to leave.  Very sweet.  Both were deep, but the quarter sang out sweet, and I knew it was a silver before I dug it.  I guess I’ll be trying to focus more on that section going forward.

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