Back to the Silver

Back to my newbie site, this is actually a very difficult site to detect, but I did manage to squeeze one silver coin out of it today.

And it was quite a difficult pull.  The strategy with working most public property sites, and especially this one, is to stick to the edges and the trashy areas.  Turns out, that at this site, the edges happen to be the trashiest, which allows us to pull some silver, cause you have 2 factors going for you.

There wasn’t much going on in the small zone I worked today, but I did hear a silver amongst the din of various low and high sounding trash.  These are usually fairly easy to extract, as the din of the trash bounds the good target, and the E-Trac’s absolutely worthless pinpointing function is not a factor (hopefully the new machine’s pinpointing will be as good as a Radioshack detector’s, hopefully, tho I’m not optimistic, it will be better).

But, I could not find the silver.  I opened her up, and found this trash and that, spent about 10 minutes in the rocky soil, and decided to cut my losses.  One of the trashes (that I didn’t pull, I only do bottles) was a canslaw, and they can sound like silver, so I figured that was that.

But, after finishing out the grid, and finding nothing, it kept gnawing at me, so I went back, still heard it in there, worked on it for a good time more, and finally got it out of there.  I was actually shocked when I saw it. It was in the rocks, so all the pounding on it scratched it, fortunately its just a bulk silver (a 1918 tho, kinda old). This is the first time I’ve ever given up on a target, gone back, and found it was a silver.  Not one of my better days, but we’ll take it.  Finding silvers in canslaw trash is hard.

It is interesting to note that I also found a wheatie directly below a piece of canslaw in this zone.  Are you kidding me?  How does the E-Trac hear both targets (which do sound different), and present them?  (They sort of oscillate). Also. this is the third silver I’ve found within 10 feet of a tot lot at this site; and I’ve seen other detectorists in here, in and around that tot lot.  No doubt scared off by the trash. Sometimes better to be good than lucky.

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