Three Silvers Today

Went back to the same site as the last few days, and pulled 3 more silvers, two quarters and a dime. It  was a beautiful day, and I wanted to hunt all day, but my pinpointer battery died.  Of course I had a spare, and of course it was dead.  This is the 2nd or 3rd time this has happened with this cheap generic brand; I never thought battery brand matters, but apparently so.

After yesterday’s post, today’s hunt gives an inverted ratio at this site, 7 quarters, 6 dimes, and a war nickel.  This has never even come close to happening before.  While the sample size is a little small, it is fine, especially as the clad is showing the same inversion.

So, probably not been hunted too hard (at least with any skill or with a machine that can deal with the mineralization), probably a low density site, but most of all, the mineralization is brutal.  Auto rec in the 13-17 range. Yikes.  I feel lucky I’ve pulled what I have from this site.

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