Why I Love the E-Trac

So, check this out.  The above pic is all the targets that came out of one hole.  Those chicken nugget like things are actually blobs of iron.  You can see how big they are relative to the Q.

So, I hit the target, and it sounds like silver, but not the cleanest signal.  Open it up and pull out one of those big chunks.  Ok, probably what I call “bulbous ferrous”, those big hunks of iron that can sometimes give a silver-like signal.

So, I rescan (as always), and still hear the damn silver in there.  Open her up again, and pull out another chunk.  At this point, I figure I better poke the pinpointer around in there, and see if there is silver in there or not.  Of course there is, and I get a hit on the pinpointer, but its not silver, its yet another iron turd.  D’oh!

So, I close her up again and rescan, and damn thing still sounds like silver.  This time, I get the goods, and find the quarter.

The E-Trac never gave up on that silver tone, and glad I didn’t either.  I just love the E-Trac’s ability to pull silver out of the iron.

As for the rest of the hunt, started out slow — this site is thin on targets, and today was no exception, working and working and working, got one rosie, but not much else.  Decided to bail on that section of the site and work another, which gave up a couple of quick wheats, which is always constructive, but then not a single target of any kind (including conductive trash), which is a bad sign.

Back to the original section, which had given up a few coins, and more dead, and I was about to call it a day, but hit another rosie.  Kept going for a while, then the war nik, and a pair of Qs in quick succession (including the one above), for a fivespot on the day.  Had to go to work at that point, so that was that.

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