Revenge of the Clad

Oh my, that’s an ugly sight, isn’t it?  $5.15 worth of the dull stuff.  Maybe I can get a bag of chips and a soda, or something.

I shouldn’t be so derisive, cause this is my all time favorite site, haven given up 140 silvers, including today’s hunt.

The interesting thing about all that clad, tho, is that it is from a section that I have previously worked 3 times before!  This is my quadruple dip.  First, I hit the site normally, pulling mountains of silver, and ignoring the clad.  Then, they stripped some dirt off (which, of course, had all the ignored clad), piled it in huge piles, and I hit the underlying layer, pulling more silver that was pretty much exposed.  Then, they pushed that dirt around, revealing more silver.

Then, just recently, they took those old dirt piles from step two, and pushed them back over the site (with all that clad I ignored).  This created an inversion situation where you can have modern clad at 4-6 inches, and silvers at 1 inch, and that’s what I was seeing.  (Of course, there was clad at 1 inch also). Not only that, for some reason, TID on the E-Trac breaks down in this situation; pretty much every silver dime I found at one inch or less in the pushed around dirt and disturbed dirt after they first started construction rang at 12-44.  Quarters were a little better, but not conclusive.  Ergo, you had to dig all that 12-44 clad to make sure you got the shiny. Yikes.

I did get some more shiny today, tho, a Q and a rosie, as well as an ugly ring, and an old charm.  I also pulled 14 wheats, which is a total ripoff; generally my ratio is 2.5:1 wheats to silver, meaning I should have pulled about 5 silvers.  Of course, on my first pass thru here, I ignored some wheaties as well, so those got revenge today also.

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