19 Silvers: 09-Apr-2011

Pulled 19 silvers on this day.  This was my first ever double digit day, and one I will remember forever. I knew the site was loaded, and there was also someone else working it, so I made it a point to put in a 12 hour day to see how many I could find.  Most were tough and in the trash, and it was quite a thrill to hear that sweet sound of silver on the E-Trac all day.

I may have gotten to 20, but my battery died.  I still had a half hour to go before that happened.  Learned my lesson that day, it never dies anymore, and I have a spare.

This is also about when I started taking pics with the dirt on them, cause some asshole on one of the forums was doubting my finds before this. Well, to quote the classic show Seinfield, they are real, and they are spectacular.  Eat your heart out, Doubting Thomas.

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