1864 2 Cent Piece (VG8)

This was my first ever 2 cent piece.  It wasn’t my first shield coin; that was this shield nickel that was in the same hole, and it came out first.  A 7 cent shield spill, hard to believe.

It rang up as a wheatie, and there was no inkling that the shield nickel was in there as well.  This was found on a club detecting trip to Prospect Park, in Brooklyn.  This was an awesome site, and I wish I knew how to use the E-Trac then, like I do now, as likely I would have found more that day. (I did find 4 clad dollar coins that day; and I think $23 in clad overall, but these were the only oldies).

Found: 30-Oct-2010; Location: park/school; Machine: E-Trac

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