1777 Spanish 2 Reale

This is the 4th Spanish silver I’ve dug (at the time of writing), but it is my first 2 reale.  Yes its worn, and has a hole, but I just don’t see many of these larger than 1 reale posted (I certainly don’t expect to ever find one again).

Its between the size of a quarter and a half dollar (for those that don’t know, Spanish silver comes as a 1/2 reale (6.25 cents), 1 reale (12.5 cents), 2 reale (25 cents), and so forth, so its kinda like an old quarter, tho certainly not nearly as rare as a 1700s US quarter would be).

This was a deep, iffy signal in a sparely targeted New England park.  I thought it was going to be a deep dime or quarter, and was quite surprised.

Found: 06-Apr-2012; Location: park/school; Machine: E-Trac

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