Platinum Engagement Ring

I answered an ad on a metal detecting forum to help a guy find a platinum engagement ring that he threw into a neighbor’s lawn. It was not clear how far or in what direction the ring was thrown, and there were bushes there into which it could have landed. The first day I spent 3.5 hours searching in oppressive heat, with no luck. I wanted to give it another go the next morning, and after 5 hours total searching, and 20 minutes before I was to give up, I found it. I was pretty excited, and he was ecstatic.

This ring was worth alot (we agreed to to mention value or post pictures on the net). He did give me a $100 reward. It was 60 feet from where he said he threw it, and he had been looking for it for a month, including with other detectors. It was a very cool experience.

Found: 25-Sep-2010; Location: private yard; Machine: E-Trac

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