1787 Vermont Copper

Yes, its abused, but at least you can identify it. This was the first identifiable colonial copper I had found at the time, and is one of 17 coppers I had found in a rather small area, where there is no historical evidence (that I’m aware of), of a settlement, so this will be a cool research project for another day. And, who knew there was a “Republic of Vermont” back in the 1700s?  I certainly didn’t.

At the time I’d found this, this was the oldest identifiable coin I had ever found, and it was quite a thrill. I was a newbie then, and it was high on the list, now I realise that the MD snobs are not interested in abused coppers, I still think it is cool, and I understand only about 5000 or so were minted.  Will always be a special find for me.

Found: 08-Jun-2009; Location: field; Machine: DFX

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