1826 Half Cent (G4)

Its actually a pretty nice coin if I ever work on getting the caked on dirt off, trust me :) (much nicer than this pic; I have a better pic somewhere I need to dig up). I just think it is cool to find obsolete denomination coins like a half cent, especially one that is not totally beat up (I found another one that was, same year).  (People outside of Chester County have to understand how acidic our soil is, and it is nearly impossible to dig coppers like they dig in New England and Ohio)

This one was found deep in the woods, near some ruins. It was only about 4 inches deep. I wasn’t sure what it was when I dug it. Dug it the same day as a nice large cent, quite a day of hunting for me.

Found: 28-Jun-2009; Location: woods/ruins; Machine: DFX

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