Silver Ring (likely 19th century)

This old silver ring is only worth about a buck or two, but I think it is really cool. Who wore it? Was it a wedding band, or did it have any other personal significance? Are the initials an organization, or a person’s name? Is the family still in the county? It will be cool to figure this out someday.

I don’t really know how old it is, but it was found in the same field as a button I dated to the late 1800s, and a 1801 Spanish silver. Found at a good 8 inches, and rang nicely as deep silver on the V3. It was fun digging it out, like I was unearthing “my precious”.

Found: 23-Mar-2010; Location: field; Machine: V3

2 thoughts on “Silver Ring (likely 19th century)

  1. I.A.H stands for “I Am His”… was given as a catholic gift when someone gave there life to jesus….i found one last spring and did the research….hope this helps!!! H.H

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