Big Silver With My Wife

First hunt of the year.  Amazing that it is possible to hunt around here this time of year.  I decided to hit the site where I found my 500th silver of the year last year.  How can you not?

This site will always hold a special place in my mind, as, last year when I was at about 450, very near the end of the year, and thinking about the impossible task of getting to 500, I was trying to budget out which sites would deliver the goods.  This site was an unknown, as it has been hunted hard, but occasional silver is there for the patient.  Problem is, when you are trying to reach a goal in this game by a certain time, patience is tough.  But, when I headed out to the site, at 499 that morning, I hit a beautiful sweet silver sound in the first 5 minutes of detecting.  It is a magical moment that I will never forget, and so, the site will always be a shrine for me.

Anyway, it was 62 degrees and sunny here in Chester County on Jan 7th, and my wife decided to tag along to my shrine.  I warned here that the good targets would be few and far between.

About a half hour in, I hit a big silver sound, which is almost always a canslaw or pipe fitting, and I told my wife that, but it turned out to be a walker.  First silver of the year was a walker, how sweet is that!  It was only 3 inches deep, but in a very out of the box section of the site.

Later, hit sweet sound of silver signal, and I said to my wife, that’s a silver dime, and sure enough, it was worn ’17 merc.  Nice way to start the year.

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