Farewell Silver

Today was the farewell hunt for my recent private property site, it had given up 8 silvers, a pair of buffs, a crotal bell,  two compacts, and a token, but nothing really old, despite being over 200 years old.

There was still plenty of area to hit, but I had been coming up empty, so I decided to farewell it, at least for a while.  Usually I get a silver on farewell day, but it wasn’t giving it up.  I spent alot of time in the woods, where I had reason to believe that there was activity in the past, and I even discovered the stone ring of an old garden, but all I found was one wheatie.  Whoever had been here before was good.

After no silvers, and about an hour and a half left before having to get to work, I drove by my recent honeyhole which had one unpromising section left, and I noticed that the grass had just been mowed, so I set up shop there, and pulled just one coin in over an hour of hunting, but fortunately it was a 61D rosie.

Any silver is good, especially at the end of a long, frustrating day.

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