Silver Yesterday, 3-Ringer Today

Yesterday I went back to the site I hit a random silver on 4/17, which I had given up for dead.  A long hunt gave up a pair of silver coins.  I was lucky, as the grass had just been mowed as I arrived, and both coins were on the edge of detectability. One wonders what I could find if I had just one more inch of depth.

Today I was skunked on silver at the same site, but pulled a 3-ringer.  This site is no where near civil war activity, so go figure.

I hate writing skunked entries, so I’m glad I found the 3-ringer to give me something interesting to post.  I did find quite a few wheaties today; it seems the dimes were just out of range (remember, the wheaties are a bit bigger, and will have the halo the dimes won’t, so they are just a little easier).

I’m in a bit of a slump, no mega silver days, no big or spectacular silvers, but you have to just keep soldiering on thru it. The 3-ringer is a cool thing to find and talk about (especially in this area), but there is no substitute for that rush of seeing the shiny in the hole.

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