Frustrating Hunt at my Newbie Site

On 2/22, I wrote about a hunt at my newbie site, the idea being go back to your newbie site and see what you can get when you have more skill under your belt, and I got 3 silvers on that day in 5 hours, in a site I figured was pretty thin.

I went to my newbie site, rather than some other recent sites, cause the ground is really rock hard around here, and the silvers at this site are not deep, they are in trash, so the rock hard, dry ground is less of a factor.

I started pounding the area I found the three silvers at last time, and, in 2.5 hours, dug just two coins of any kind (a wheatie and a nickel).  Unbelievable. How could a site be so dead?  I mean, this is a modern site, people are here all the time.

2.5 hours is alot of patience, but I gave up and went to a different section.  I just wanted to dig some clad cause my arm gets sore if I dig nothing for so long.

I started digging clad, then started digging deep clad, which is a good sign, as deep clad often indicates deep silver (cause it ain’t been hunted as hard in the old days).

Well, I didn’t find any deep silver, but I did find a shallow rosie in the trash in this area to keep a long silver streak alive (well, not counting that New England day, which I guess should count).

Well, now I have at least a new small section of this site to hunt someday, but rain is coming, so I may get back to other sites where the stuff is really deep.

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